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Série de fers Ping G30

Le 16 March 2015, 06:52 dans Humeurs 0

Distance, tolérance et vol élevé permettent de lancer la balle plus loin et plus haut pour arriver au plus vite au drapeau. Les longueurs et les lofts progressifs, la face fine, vous aideront à lancer la balle haut et significativement plus loin tout en garantissant le contr?le.
Caractéristiques :
Tête rapide et tolérante(g30 fers)
La face fine en acier inoxydable 17-4 maximise la déviation pour des balles encore plus rapides. Soutenue par une cavité de CTP, le centre de gravité est optimisé et le moment d'inertie s'accro?t. La cavité est coupée pour réduire le poids et présener un centre de gravité bas dans le but d'améliorer les conditions d'envol et d'agumener la tolérance.
Décalage progressif
Le décalage progressif permet des vols plus élevés avec les fers longs et des trajectoires contr?lées et pénétrantes avec les fers courts. La lame légèrement allongée permet d'augmenter la tolérance, particulièrement sur les fers 4 à 7.
CTP, badge en élastomère(matériel de golf a vendre)
Située au bas de la semelle, la structure du CTP permet d'abaisser le centre de gravité pour garantir un envol élevé sans compromettre la tolérance. Elle est compatible avec une face fine pour offrir un contr?le de la distance et une sensation assurée. Le badge en élastomère souple améliore la sensation et le son dans la conception à périmètre lesté.
Shafts :
CFS Distance
- flex soft regular
- flex regular
- flex stiff
- flex x-stiff

Fers en acier 4-PW Titleist AP2 714

Le 12 March 2015, 03:19 dans Humeurs 0

Ces fers forgés multi-composants Titleist AP2 714 améliorent à la fois la distance, le contr?le de la trajectoire, la jouabilité et la tolérance. Leur tête, dont la conception a fait ses preuves sur le circuit, dispose d'une épaisseur de face et de largeurs de semelles progressives pour des sensations optimales. Le positionnement progressif du centre de gravité, bas sur les fers longs et plus haut sur les fers courts, offre une portée plus étendue sur l'ensemble du set de fers. La finition polie satinée et les reliefs de cavité polis donnent à ces fers un look exceptionnel, aussi bien dans le sac que derrière la balle de golf.(AP2 714 Fers)
Une vitesse régulière sur les coups manqués grace à un moment d'inertie élevé pour un meilleur contr?le de la distance
Un profil ayant fait ses preuves sur le circuit avec une répartition du poids, une épaisseur de face et des largeurs de semelle progressives.
Une meilleure jouabilité grace à la double cavité et au poids en tungstène haute densité(golf a vendre)
Garantie 12 mois et manches en acier True Temper Dynamic Gold

Davis Love III sees potential in son Dru at Alabama

Le 4 March 2015, 07:08 dans Humeurs 0

Several days after Davis Love III faced the bright lights and cameras of what he referred to as "the biggest press conference of my life," the 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup captain looked more unassuming.
He walked down the cart path which has a stick chair at your fingertips, dressed like all in the other spectators fighting the chilly wind at Sawgrass Country Club through the first round of your John Hayt Collegiate Invitational Friday. But, the very first time, he watched his son play as being a collegiate medalist.
Davis Love IV, or Dru, made Feb. 24 a far more wedding to the Love family as he birdied the last hole for the Puerto Rico Classic and took co-medalist honors just hours before his father can be officially announced as the U.S. Ryder Cup captain. Love III sat in the car at PGA headquarters thus hitting refresh on his phone until his son rang while using the nice thing about it.
"It was killing me to understand happening," said Love III.
The closing birdie sealed Love's third top-10 in four events there is much surprise. The early-season success proves to like III that Alabama is definitely the right area for his son after 3 years of refining a sport that oozes with power and potential.
"He's very raw. He hasn't played a considerable amount of tournaments in contrast to most 21-year-olds," said Love III. "He's not burned on golf, that's great, but he wasn't the 10-year-old playing every AJGA tournament. He's really learning still.(TaylorMade SLDR Bois de parcours
"That's why I sent him as much as Jay (Seawell, Alabama's head coach). He was required to learn how to play and compete. He could hit the tennis ball, He just should get some tournament experience."
Tournament experience comes in plenty of different ways, like playing against former All-Americans Justin Thomas, Trey Mullinax, Cory Whitsett and Bobby Wyatt in qualifying rounds while enjoying the ride of two national title runs.
"In certainly one of his qualifying tournaments, he shot 6 under for four rounds and finished third. Twenty-two under won," Love III said. "But he's while in the right place because of Jay. (Jay is) this sort of great coach in addition to a great person."
Dru Love, that is No. 60 inside Golfweek/Sagarin rankings, gained confidence when he go back to Tuscaloosa for any spring and won the team's qualifier. Love III told his son that, "If you beat Robby Shelton at anything, you're playing great."(TaylorMade fers
Love proceeded to share the win in Puerto Rico before turning around and competing within the Hayt, where they got away and off to a solid start at a treacherous course. Love shot a 1-over 73 after making birdies about the latter holes. The round was solid in the windy Sawgrass Country Club and sufficiently good to put him three shots journey 18-hole lead.
"It would have been a really hard-fought round for everyone. The wind was blowing hard, also it was hard to judge shots," said Love. "I shot 1-over, birdied a final two holes. I created a lot to choose from but also picked some up coming in, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow."
Whether or not he proceeds win back-to-back, Love III knows his son's best golf is ahead of him.
"He has potential. We keep telling him: 'Work difficult for your game, you will have the possible ways to do one thing you would like.' He's shown it," Love III said. "He'll remain more tournament savvy, and with Dr. Bob Rotella (a sports psychologist), he's figuring out how to contain himself. They have many potential, and potential is good with good thing about it."
The bias of an father? Maybe. But Love III is viewed through the PGA of America because the top evaluator and leader in the sport, and his awesome son's answers are beginning to support his case.

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